Jeweler's Basics®

Crafting Brilliance, Affordably: Jeweler's Basics® - Precision Tools for the Jewelry Trade.

  • Unleash Precision Power: Elevate Craftsmanship with Foredom Quality USA-Made Flex Shaft and Micromotor Tools.

  • Instant Focus, Effortless Clarity – Transform Your View with Clip-On Eyeglass Magnifiers.

  • Clarity Redefined, with these US-Made Optical Glass Headband Magnifiers.

    Donegan Optical 
  • Tronex: Elevating Precision to a New Standard – Crafting Excellence with US-Made Premium Pliers & Cutters.

  • Grip Excellence, Cut with Precision – Unleashing Craftsmanship with Xuron's Full Selection of US-Made Pliers and Cutters.

  • Crafting Brilliance, Strike by Strike – Explore Elegance in Every Form with a Full Selection of Beautiful Metal-Forming Hammers.

    Fretz Hammers 
  • Explore Excellence with Knew Concept's Premium Jeweler's Saws in Multiple Sizes and Options.

    Knew Concepts 
  • Precision Perfected, Crafted with Swiss Excellence – Premium Swiss Files.

  • Unleash Artistry with Every Cut – US-Made Excellence in Jeweler's Saws.

    Green Lion